Terms and conditions of vouchers

We want all Guests to feel comfortable in our restaurant, therefore we created the rules. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with its principles.

Terms and condition of sale and use of vouchers

General conditions 

  1. Scoria vouchers are documents (vouchers) empowering their owners to benefit from certain services, especially buying meals in Scoria Restaurant. 
  2. Vouchers are given out in exchange of a fee equal to nominal value of a voucher 
  3. Scoria restaurant obliges to pass the voucher (in place) and accept it only in a Scoria restaurant
  4. Voucher can be used in Scoria restaurant in accordance with service operations determined in body of voucher, or to price quoted in voucher. 
  5. The voucher is not refunded or exchanged for cash. 
  6. Voucher must be realized once and entirely.
  7. Restaurant doesn’t bear responsibility for Voucher that was lost or damaged after giving it over to purchaser.
  8. User of voucher is not entitled to have any claims towards the restaurant arising from loss (including theft) or damage of voucher. 
  9. The expiry date of a Voucher is on the Voucher. It cannot be longer than one year from the date of purchase because it guarantees a provision by the Scoria Restaurant a service at the nominal price regardless of a possible price increase.
  10. Voucher can be realized in any term during opening hours of a restaurant excluding 14 February, 31 December and other days with special offers of Scoria Restaurant.

Policy of using the Voucher.

  1. Owner of the Scoria Voucher is obligated to book the term (day and hour) of using the Voucher in Scoria Restaurant in Bydgoszcz ul. Stary Port 15 by phone 887-515-515 or by e-mail: restauracja@scoria.pl stating the Voucher’s number which can be found in its upper right corner. 
  2. Reservation can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the booked term. Cancelling the reservation later won’t be possible, and Voucher will be considered as realized with the expiring of the booked term. 
  3. Scoria Restaurant accepts to realization only undamaged vouchers with the expiration date and a hologram in an upper right corner.
  4. Voucher must be given to the service in the day of its realization
  5. While using voucher, the owner doesn’t have the right to receive the rest of money of the amount covered by the Voucher, when the value of a service is lower than the Voucher’s
  6. If the value of the service is higher than the value covered by Voucher or is not involved, the owner of the Voucher is obliged to pay the difference by cash or credit card. 
  7. Scoria Restaurant has the right to refuse realizing the Voucher when:
    a) expiry date has validated
    b) the Voucher was used according to the point 2.
    c) the data on Voucher is unable to be read because of the damage. 

The sale of voucher takes place through the platform Stripe, the seller uses in this regard, additionaly the service easycard.pl in which the payment is prepared. The user by giving data agrees to pass them along to EasyCart and Stripe according to the statue and privacy policy, which documents are placed in the cart’s page.